Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 12-14

Three gifts half-hidden...

This boy all covered up in his blanket on an early summer morning.

The treasures found hidden in Bible stories, long ago learned, but seen with new eyes.

Hidden in his quiet spot. Sweet little puppy.

Three gifts in green...

My favorite mixing bowl- Todd's great grandma and grandma have both used it.

My big ol' coffee cup.

The backyard trees- shade in the summer, beautiful colors in the fall.

A gift in a ring, curve and sphere

Ring- My claddagh ring. Todd gave it to me on our first Valentine's Day in our house, a long time ago. I love the symbolism it holds for both our relationship and my Irish heritage.

Curve- Sips and Strokes painting that is a reminder of a night with great friends.

Sphere-(kind of)  A favorite food around here especially when I find them at Aldi for 50 cents each.

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  1. Is that a bump I see in the tail of that dragon fly? What a fun night.