Friday, August 17, 2012

August 15-17

3 gifts ugly/beautiful


Seaweed on the beach, full of life for the animals, even if it is not always so lovely when you want to swim.

Tears- I've shed a lot of them lately for different reasons. I'm not a pretty crier, in fact it can get really ugly,  but tears do help cleanse the mind and soul, which is a beautiful thing.

Three gifts of family

These moments when they remember how much they love each other, rather than how fun it is to pester each other.

Having a long talk on the phone with my dad.

A great grandpa that takes the time to wipe chocolate off the faces of his little ones before a picture. :) I love that Beth captured this moment. It just is Grandpa Thomas.

Three gifts in the morning


Hot coffee in a big mug.

Walks with a friend three mornings a week.

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  1. That makes me sad because I remember when we use to walk. Anthony had just left I think. I bet I complained a lot.