Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I'm thankful for...

1. Spring break and a boy who loves to read in his free time. Alyson and Drew came to hang out for the morning and this is how I found she and Grant. It made me smile.

2. Beautiful spring like weather to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We had a parade with good friends, went to Sonic for half price slushies during happy hour and even had a chance to watch a movie at the dollar theatre. To top it all off, we can home to corn beef and cabbage in the crock pot. Can't really ask for a better day than that.

3. My dad is home from the rehab hospital. He is walking more every day. He told me today that he is using the walker less and just the cane, more. That's a good thing.

4. A sweet little boy who picked lots and lots of flowers for his mommy today. "You like them, Mama?" Me- "Yes, they are beautiful." Gabe- "Your welcome."

5. My washing machine and dryer. Even on beautiful days like these, I'm glad I don't have to do my laundry outside in the river and hang it out on the line to dry. :) Now, if only there were some kind of automated folding machine.

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