Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today's five

1. Beautiful family day at the park on Saturday. The weather was perfect. All 11 kids had fun. There were only minor injuries- a cheek scuff for Gabe, road rashed knees for Dawson and a badly hurt toe for Todd. Since Todd was racing all the kids on a scooter and took a pretty impressive fall, the fact that he only hurt his toe is really something to be thankful for- all in all a good day!

2. Celery sticks and Whole Food's roasted red pepper hummus. So good!

3. A very successful pancake breakfast for the youth fund raiser.
4. Spending some time cutting towel pieces with some great ladies from church working on a (Cover)ed towel sale. We had a wonderful night laughing, talking, sharing stories, getting to know each other better and helping a family raise money to bring their little girl to her forever family. Check out the (Cover)ed blog to learn about this great organization.

5. Coming home to a clean kitchen. That never gets old. :)

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