Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today's Five

1. Time to sit at the park with friends today. It was breezy and a little cool, but it was nice.

2. Ten minute salsa chicken- recipe to come. So good, easy and healthy. I love that combination in a dinner.

3. A friend who sends video messages from her kids that keep my kid entertained when he watches it over and over and over again. This is Gabe asking to see it again because "it's so stinking cute".

4. Shoes. Today was Tom's One Day Without Shoes. Now I'll admit, I did wear shoes today, but I tried to be really aware of the difficulties so many around our world face simply because they have to be barefoot. Our shoes protect us from stepping in some pretty nasty and harmful stuff. I am so blessed and never want even my shoes to become common-place to me.

5. Tea with a sweet college girl I love so much.