Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I remember...

It was just a normal morning.

The sky was a beautiful blue, no clouds. A Gorgeous day.

How surreal that fact became to me later.

While Todd and I were talking over coffee, we heard a news story about a plane hitting the Trade Center. It was believed to be a twin engine plane. A crazy, tragic accident. That's how the story started.  We didn't even turn on the tv.

Then the second plane hit.

Todd calmly stating- we are under attack. I remember just knowing that was true. We finally turned on the TV.

Gasping when I first saw the holes in the side of the buildings. They were huge. The smoke. The people waving things out the windows begging for help.

The feelings of anger. I wanted justice.

People jumping out of the windows of WTC.

Then a plane hit the pentagon.

A plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

The reporters saying there were still planes unaccounted for.

As selfish as this sounds, feeling a sense of relief that we lived in a state that was unlikely to be a target. I also felt great concern for my family who live outside of Boston- a likely target.

Watching the towers fall. The shock in Matt Lauer's voice.

Sitting glued to the TV almost all day with some breaks for Veggie Tales and taking care of the two year old.

Crying. Sobbing. Not having the ability to process it all.

In mid afternoon, I had to turn the TV off. I prayed, cried and after a brief respite- a walk on that beautifully surreal day- I watched some more.

It was so quiet while I was out walking.  It was like the world had stopped.

The next several days details run together in my memory.

The stories of firefighters, police officers, courageous acts of heroism, a few images of people around the world celebrating the atrocity, so many kind deeds by leaders and citizens around the world.

People lining up to donate blood.

Families sharing stories of their lost loved ones. 

Dan Rather sobbing on David Letterman's show.

President Bush and the bullhorn at ground zero.

Billy Graham speaking at the memorial service.

Tony Blair and his courageous stand with us.

Seeing the signs at ground zero of the missing and recognizing the beauty and necessity of hope.

Seeing so much good in our citizens.

Getting the call that my brother's ship was leaving to go to the middle east.

A renewed love for my country.

It's been ten years, but in so many ways it seems like yesterday.

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