Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today's Five

Participating in the Joy Dare helped me get me back in the habit of daily gratitude in everything- good, bad, beautiful, ugly, silly, serious. I love that.

Since I found myself getting a little too caught up in trying to find things that fit the categories, I've decided to go back to just listing the things for which I'm thankful- no categories, no rules, just straight from the heart.  Noticing the ordinary works better for here goes.

1. Walking in the brisk weather each morning and being out early enough to see the sunrise.

2. Grant's grown up, but real perspective in the midst of a disappointment. So very thankful for that kid and his heart. I need to be telling him that everyday in some way. Being 13 can be hard.

3. A friend who will call me to tell me my favorite ice cream is back on the shelf at the grocery store and buy me some.

4. Sea salt caramel hot chocolate.

5. Gabe's incessant questions. Really. Someday I'm going to wish he was still small enough to sit beside me and ask me things like "Do killer whales have arm pits?"  "Is Luke Skywalker is real?"  "Could a whale shark fit in our house?" "Do people really have pet platypuses?" "Can we get one?" and stuff like that. (Yes, these are actual Gabe questions...if you know him, you are not surprised. )

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